Confirmed candidates for the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election

Parties in the Assembly:

Other Parties:
Democracy First | NI Labour Rep Committee | People Before Profit | PUP | Workers' Party

Parties are listed in the order in which they came in the 2011 Assembly election.

Democratic Unionist Party
With a new leader in Arlene Foster, the DUP will be hoping to stay as the largest unionist party in the Assembly. The majority of their candidates are outgoing MLAs.

Sinn Féin
Having gained seats in the Dáil election in February, Sinn Féin will be hoping for a good result in Stormont as well. With Martin McGuinness moving to Foyle, the party is positioning itself against the SDLP.

Ulster Unionist Party
Can the UUP reverse the decline it's experienced over the past decade and a half?

Social Democratic & Labour Party
Leader Colum Eastwood has promised an SDLP resurgance, but it remains to be seen if the results will vindicate him.

Alliance Party
The Alliance Party is running candidates in every constituency, but can they expand beyond their usual eastern base?

Green Party
The Greens are also running in every constituency. Will Steven Agnew be returning, and will he bring others with him?

Traditional Unionist Voice
Jim Allister's party might find it difficult to break through in an increasingly crowded unionist field.

United Kingdom Independence Party
While they've made waves in Britain, UKIP has failed to have any major impact on Northern Irish politics. Although David McNarry's defection gave them their first MLA, his retirement might mean it'll be back to the drawing board.

There's quite an array of independents running - nationalist, unionist and other. Five are running in West Tyrone alone.
The following parties were not represented in the outgoing Assembly.

Animal Welfare Party
A Britain-based party, they are running a candidate in West Tyrone.
Cross-Community Labour Alternative
This group have candidates in Antrim and Belfast.

CISTA (Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol) are an issue-based party which ran in the 2015 Westminster election, though failed to gain many votes. Will they see more luck this time?

NI Conservatives
After the breakdown of their pact with the UUP, the Conservatives have been attempting to run in Northern Irish elections under their own name, albeit to no success so far.

Democracy First
This group are running a candidate in Lagan Valley.

NI Labour Representation Committee
Another Labour-based group, running in constituencies across Northern Ireland.

People Before Profit Alliance
Having made gains with the Anti-Austerity Alliance across the border, will the PBPA gain momentum here?

Progressive Unionist Party
Six candidates are running for the PUP.
Workers' Party
Workers' Party candidates are running in Belfast and West Tyrone.