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The 1865 UK general election in Ireland saw the Whigs - now calling themselves the Liberal Party - keeping power, with that party winning more widespread support in Ireland than the Conservatives. The Tories did however keep their stronghold in Ulster.

The 1995 Divorce referendum saw the Irish electorate return to the question of whether Irish law should allow for the dissolution of marriage. In 1986 they voted 2:1 against it. This time, however, there would be a different result.

The 1925 Seanad election was the only popular Seanad (Senate) election in the history of the state. The entire state formed a single, 19-seat constituency, with voters given a rather impractical choice of 76 candidates...

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Fine Gael is down to 69 seats in the aftermath of the abortion debates, while Sinn Féin loses its first parliamentary party member since the general election.