UK general election, 1865 - Ireland

In the aftermath of the 1859 general election, the victorious Whig Party led by the Viscount Palmerston reorganised themselves as the Liberal Party. They would go head-to-head with the Conservatives for the rest of the century, until the emergence of the Labour Party in the early 1900s.

As was the case in 1859, the Liberals and Conservatives were the only parties to contest Irish seats. There would be no new Irish-based party until the emergence of the Irish Parliamentary Party in 1874.

The Liberals won the election overall, with a 389-269 victory over the Conservatives. In Ireland alone, the Liberals won 58 seats to the Conservatives' 47. Palmerston continued as Prime Minister, but died only four months later. He was succeeded by the Earl Russell, who had previously been a Whig Prime Minister between 1846 and 1852.