Presidential Elections

1938: Douglas Hyde becomes the first President of Ireland. He is elected unopposed.

1945: Seán T.O'Kelly becomes Ireland's first directly elected President.

1952: O'Kelly wins a second term unopposed.

1959: Éamon De Valera moves from the Dáil to the Áras.

1966: A reluctant de Valera runs for re-election, beginning the final 7 of a 57 year political career.

1973: Erskine Childers becomes president for a year before an untimely death.

1974: Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh is nominated unopposed to replace the late Childers.

1976: A shock resignation sees Patrick Hillery nominated to the Áras.

1983: Hillery is unchallenged once more for a second term.

1990: Mary Robinson is elected Ireland's first female president. 

1997: Mary McAleese wins an unprecedented five-way race. (local council nominations)  

2004: The popular McAleese wins a second term unopposed.

2011: A seven-way race full of twists and turns. (local council nominations)