2016 General Election Candidates: Longford-Westmeath

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Labour's Willie Penrose has always enjoyed strong support in Longford-Westmeath, topping the poll in 2007 and 2011. With Labour's poll numbers dropping, it remains to be seen if he will be affected. Fine Gael are running Peter Burke alongside TDs James Bannon and Gabrielle McFadden, who won her sister Nicky's seat after she passed away in 2014. The Sinn Féin candidate from that by-election, Paul Hogan, is running again, as is independent Cllr. Kevin Moran.

The Fianna Fáil selection convention in this constituency caused controversy, as the party issued a directive calling for a female candidate to run alongside TD Robert Troy.

TDs elected in 2011:
Willie Penrose (Lab), James Bannon (FG), Nicky McFadden (FG), Robert Troy (FF)
2014 by-election to fill Nicky McFadden's seat: Gabrielle McFadden (FG)

2016 Candidates:
Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Candidates in italics are sitting TDs.
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James Bannon
Outgoing TD
Peter Burke
Brian Fagan

Stephanie Healy

Paul Hogan

Donal Jackson

Frank Kilbride
Former Councillor
Manchán Magan

Gabrielle McFadden
Outgoing TD
Noel McKervey

James Miller

Kevin Moran
James Morgan

Dom Parker

Willie Penrose
Outgoing TD
Connie Gerrity Quinn

Mae Sexton
Former TD
Barbara Smyth

Robert Troy
Outgoing TD