2016 General Election Candidates: Tipperary

Tipperary is a unified constituency for the first time since 1948, meaning the loss of one seat (and some of the northern part of the county to the new Offaly constituency). Like Kerry, it will be interesting to see how candidates who are used to only dealing with the north or south fare with the whole county. People will be watching Labour's deputy leader, Minister Alan Kelly and independent TDs such as Michael Lowry, Mattie McGrath and WUAG's Séamus Healy. Fianna Fáil, who lost all of their Tipperary TDs in 2011, are running three candidates, as are Fine Gael. With six outgoing TDs contesting five seats, someone's going to lose out.

TDs elected in 2011:
Tipperary North (3 seats):
Michael Lowry (IND), Noel Coonan (FG), Alan Kelly (Lab)

Tipperary South (3 seats):
Séamus Healy (WUAG), Tom Hayes (FG), Mattie McGrath (IND)

2016 Candidates:
Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Candidates in italics are sitting TDs.
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TIPPERARY (5 seats)
Siobhán Ambrose
Jackie Cahill

Noel Coonan
Outgoing TD
Michael Dillon

Gearoid Fitzgibbon

Tom Hayes
Outgoing TD
Séamus Healy
Outgoing TD
Caroline Hofman

Alan Kelly
Outgoing TD
Michael Lowry
Outgoing TD
Mattie McGrath
Outgoing TD
Seamus Morris
Marie Murphy
Michael Smith