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Gerry Adams made headlines in 2011 when he announced he was resigning his Westminster seat in West Belfast to run in Louth in the general election that year. He topped the poll with a staggering 21.7% of the vote. This, and Sinn Féin's increased popularity over the five years since, mean that Adams is now running with a second candidate, Cllr. Imelda Munster. His transfers may very well see Sinn Féin take two of Louth's five seats.

Fine Gael are sticking with their two sitting TDs, while Labour are running Senator Mary Moran alongside Ged Nash. Louth has two candidates from the National Citizens' Movement, as well as former Direct Democracy Ireland member Jeff Rudd, now running under his United People banner. Fianna Fáil's Seamus Kirk, who was automatically re-elected in 2011 while he was Ceann Comhairle, is stepping down. The party hopes he'll be replaced by either Emma Coffey or Cllr. Declan Breathnach.

TDs elected in 2011: 
Gerry Adams (SF), Fergus O'Dowd (FG), Ged Nash (Lab), Peter Fitzpatrick (FG), Seamus Kirk (FF)

2016 Candidates:
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LOUTH (5 seats)
Gerry Adams
Outgoing TD
David Bradley

Declan Breathnach
Kevin Callan

Emma Coffey

Anthony Connor

Mark Dearey
Peter Fitzpatrick
Outgoing TD
Pat Greene

Mary Moran
Imelda Munster
Gerald Nash
Outgoing TD
Fergus O’Dowd
Outgoing TD
Michael O’Dowd
Former Councillor
Gareth Weldon

Maeve Yore