2016 General Election Candidates: Cork North West

Traditionally a very conservative constituency, most of Cork North West's candidates are Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, or Independent. Nigel Dennehy is running for Sinn Féin, Cormac Manning for the Greens and Jason Fitzgerald for Renua, but the real question is whether Cork North West will remain with two Fine Gael TDs and one Fianna Fáil TD, or the other way around. The Communist Party of Ireland announced their first general election candidate, Alex Homits, in January.

TDs elected in 2011:
Michael Creed (FG), Michael Moynihan (FF) , Áine Collins (FG)

2016 Candidates:
Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Candidates in italics are sitting TDs.
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Offices Held
Áine Collins
Outgoing TD
Michael Creed
Outgoing TD
Nigel Dennehy

Jason Fitzgerald

Michael O’Donnell

Shirley Griffin

Cormac Manning

Aindrias Moynihan
Michael Moynihan
Outgoing TD
Diarmuid O’Flynn

Steven O’Riordan

John Paul O’Shea
Jerry O’Sullivan