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Carlow-Kilkenny was the subject of much interest in May 2015 when a by-election was held to fill the seat vacated by Fine Gael's Phil Hogan upon his appointment as European Commissioner. Fianna Fáil's Bobby Aylward won the seat on the ninth count. He and fellow Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness will be looking to keep those seats, with Jennifer Murnane O'Connor running as a third candidate.

Fine Gael's Pat Deering and and John Paul Phelan are joined by by-election candidate David Fitzgerald, Labour's Ann Phelan is running on her own, and many of the other party's by-election candidates, including Sinn Féin's Kathleen Funchion, the AAA-PBP's Adrienne Wallace, Renua's Patrick McKee and the Greens' Malcolm Noonan, are running again in the hopes of picking up a seat this time around.

TDs elected in 2011:
Ann Phelan (Lab), John McGuinness (FF), John Paul Phelan (FG), Phil Hogan (FG), Pat Deering (FG)
2015 by-election to replace Hogan: Bobby Aylward (FF)

2016 Candidates:
Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Candidates in italics are sitting TDs.
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Bobby Aylward
Outgoing TD
Pat Deering
Outgoing TD
David Fitzgerald
Kathleen Funchion
Keith Gilligan

Conor Mac Liam

John McGuinness
Outgoing TD
Paddy Manning

Patrick McKee
Jennifer Murnane O’Connor
Malcolm Noonan
Ann Phelan
Outgoing TD
John Paul Phelan
Outgoing TD
Adrienne Wallace

Noel Walsh