Confirmed Direct Democracy/National Citizens' Movement candidates for the 2016 General Election

Cavan-Monaghan (4 seats):
Mick McDermott
Aoife O'Connell

Dublin Central (3 seats):
Cormac McKay

Dublin Mid-West (4 seats):
Christopher Healy 

Dublin North West (3 seats):
Cormac McKay

Dublin South Central (4 seats):
Neville Bradley

Dublin South West (5 seats):
Stephen Sinclair

Dún Laoghaire (4 seats):
Raymond Whitehead 

Galway West (5 seats):
Ruairi O'Neill

Limerick County (3 seats):
Mark Keogh 

Longford-Westmeath (4 seats):
Stephanie Healy 

Louth (5 seats):
Anthony Connor
Pat Greene

Meath East (3 seats):
Ben Gilroy

Meath West (3 seats):
Alan Lawes 

Waterford (4 seats):
Edward Quilty 

Wexford (5 seats):
David Lloyd 

Wicklow (5 seats):
Katrina Hutchinson 

The constituencies for the next general election
For more detailed information on each constituency's selection process, see Adrian Kavanagh's Irish Elections blog.