Confirmed Renua Ireland candidates for the 2016 General Election

Carlow-Kilkenny (5 seats):
Patrick McKee

Cork East (4 seats):
Paul Bradford

Cork North Central (4 seats):
Paddy O'Leary 

Cork North West (3 seats):
Jason Fitzgerald 

Cork South Central (4 seats):
Ciaran Kenneally 

Dublin Bay North (5 seats):
Terence Flanagan (outgoing TD)

Dublin Bay South (4 seats):
Lucinda Creighton (outgoing TD)  

Dublin Central (3 seats):
Jacqui Gilbourne

Dublin Fingal (5 seats):
Gerry Molloy

Dublin Rathdown (3 seats):
Alan Daveron

Dublin South Central (4 seats):
Michael Gargan 

Dublin South West (5 seats):
Ronan McMahon

Dublin West (4 seats):
Jo O'Brien 

Dún Laoghaire (4 seats):
Frank Cronin

Galway West (5 seats):
Nicola Daveron 

Kerry (5 seats):
Donal Corcoran

Kildare North (4 seats):
Shane Fitzgerald 

Kildare South (3 seats): 
Mary Kennedy

Louth (5 seats):
Michael O'Dowd 

Mayo (4 seats):
Michael Farrington

Meath East (3 seats):
Sarah Tyrell

Offaly (3 seats):
John Leahy

Roscommon-Galway (3 seats):
Anne Farrell 

Sligo-Leitrim (4 seats):
Finbar Filan

Waterford (4 seats):
Mailo Power

Wicklow (5 seats):
Billy Timmins (outgoing TD)

The constituencies for the next general election
For more detailed information on each constituency's selection process, see Adrian Kavanagh's Irish Elections blog.